My New Site

welcome to my new site and blog.

Feel free to share with all your friends and feel free to leave me comments,  I will try to respond to them all

and will update as often as I can. xx


  1. Love the site’s makeover and looking forward to reading your new blog posts! Will have some bunting orders to place in the next 3 weeks. Will be in touch when my nieces or nephews are born and names have been chosen. x

    • Hi becky, thanks for the lovely comment and support, and
      For being such a great and loyal customer, looking
      Forward to your new names for orders, twins? Xxx

      • Hi Laura,
        Not twins, but due a month apart – Dan’s younger brother and his girlfriend are expecting their baby any day now and Dan’s older brother and his wife are expecting their baby in June, so I get to be a nearly auntie and spoil them lots! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. Becky… How did yo get your photo on your profile?

    • Hi Jamie,
      I used my googlemail account so I think it just automatically put my profile pic on there.