I’m back…..

Hello everyone,

well I am back in the land of the living at last, some of you that follow me on facebook saw that last week I had THE worst week ever,

I had the horrible, yukky noro virus that was going around, I could not get out of bed for 2 days, I was full of a cold all week and missed almost a whole week of sewing! Pants!

I am still sniffly but on the mend, and silver lining of being ill, 2 pound weight loss so my slimming world lady was happy anyway 🙂

Have you all seen and checked out the new shopping section of my website yet? It is much easier to use and navigate now.

My website has been built and designed by my very clever brother, who has worked so hard on putting it all together for me and looking after it all, and trying to show me how to work it myself, I am still to master this part.

If anyone is looking to have a website designed go and check out his website, he wont bite and isn’t scary and will give great advice if you are trying to decide what you need.

So whilst I was was poorly last week the orders still came flooding in, it was interesting actually as something happened that has never happened before, I had sales from every shop I have open all in the same week, so etsy, folksy, my website and facebook page all saw sales, strange how sales happen sometimes.

Not so great things also happening this week, I have a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling due to a burst pipe!

Everyone that knows me knows the kitchen is my fave part of my house, its all pink and girly, with my pride and joy being my pink Smeg fridge.

See above before and after pictures.

Mr Beer and I bought out first house almost 3 years ago now, it was a total project, doer upper house and we totally renovated it all, with lots of help from family and friends.

Since then everything has been fine but just lately lots of things have started to go wrong in the shape of boilers breaking, drains blocking, pipes bursting, garden getting flooded!

All very annoying when your trying to save for your wedding! humph! Anyway best not to dwell on these things, they cant be helped! And we are lucky that we have a man that can for these situations! It’s no fun trying to sew in a kitchen listening to dripping water though!

Wedding planning is coming along nicely, deposits have been paid for the church, the hotel for the wedding reception, my transport, florist has been booked and photographer has been booked, all very exciting. Still thinking about cake ideas and designs, as the wedding is at a seaside location. Hopefully i will start to try on dresses soon, it’s quite scary i’m a little nervous but I dont no why really, did any other brides to be feel nervous about trying on dresses. I think i am expecting the bridal shop owners to be all snooty, maybe that’s it.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and see you back here soon xxx