GingerBeer out and about

Well it’s friday again, the week goes so fast, hope you have all had a good week?

This weekend I am going to be planning and making new items for my upcoming fairs and events, lots of my popular items need remaking, now I have done quite a few fairs I can see what are the most popular items are and make sure I have lots made up. Owls, hedgehogs, cupcakes, russian dolls, I think the most popular are my little VW Campervan items, you can purchase any of these items here on the website.

At my last event pictured above, it was a gorgeous and girly shopping night at the local school in Greave, it was a great success and I am going to be at there summer fair on the 16th July pop it in your diary’s as I am sure it will be a great event and great fundraising for the school.

I have also been thinking of new ways to display my items, my very clever parents between them made this for me for pinning my little felt creations onto, I have to say it works a treat, and is so easy to transport, it opens like a book and is perfect.

At the last Christmas fair I did I had branches sprayed with fake snow and I wrapped fairy lights round them for displaying decorations, this also worked really well.
I am also at another event May 7th at Old Aldwinians in Ashton, so pop along if you are free, I will have more details on that soon so keep checking my facebook page here

Have you all seen the new section of my website selling Aprons and Tea Cosies? ready to buy, if not pop over its a little promotion I am doing.

I also have tons of my lovely lavender Sachets to make this weekend for a very exciting upcoming collaboration I will tell you more when I can, but I am very excited , a hint is it is a wedding supplier!

Other news, I need to buy this months Craftseller magazine as I think I am featured this month? Has anyone seen it?

And I have fallen out with Etsy a little, I find it very elitist, I was kicked out of one of the teams for not interacting enough ooops 🙁

Never mind, I much prefer Folksy anyway I have much more success on there, which do you all prefer?

Have a fab weekend everyone and pop back soon xxx

  1. Morning gingerBeer,
    Your craft fair layout looks really pretty and I’m sure entices lots of people in to view stuff. I am about to be doing my first ever craft fair in July, so it’s great to see what other people do, so that I can learn. Etsy or Folksy? Hmmm, tough one. I find myself a bit torn here. I absolutely adore Etsy and buy lots of fabric from there which I find I just cannot source over here. I originally opened my shop on Etsy a few months ago, but had no luck and it just felt like it was a bit too big for me. So I finally opened one on Folksy. I’ve had my first sale a few days ago, which is very exciting. I must admit, Folksy feels a bit more manageable to me at the moment and I do find the forums great and really friendly, although not as easy to navigate than Etsy. – I can never find my way back to a thread i was in! Why can’t Foksy just take all the best bits of Etsy?!!! How long have you been on both? – Suzy

  2. Hi Suzy
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    I have had both my shops for over a year now, I just prefer selling on folksy, although like you I buy quite a lot of supplies over on etsy. I find the teams and threads a bit hostile though, folksy forums are much friendlier! Good Luck with your craft fairs I am sure you will do great xxx

  3. This website is looking wonderful … your displays are getting better and better … (The tree branch display was my favorite though) Good luck with everything you do … AND THE WEDDING!

  4. Have you joined the team Crafty Folk? Its got a lot of ex and current Folksy users and is very friendly 🙂 Off to have a look at the website!

    Leanne x x

    • over on etsy? I will take a look, thanks leanne, and thanks for looking at the blog xx

  5. I love your fair set up, i love the pink gingham display board.

    donna x

    • Thanks donna, it’s great for displaying isn’t it, thanks for stopping by xxx